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Best Screws for Hardwood 2021 Review

To the untrained eyes, any screw is just like any other screw. But for those who have more experience with jobs that requires such a type of fastener, can easily differentiate one from another. Choosing the best screws for hardwood, for instance, will be an easy task for such a person.

All About Screws

Screws are usually the best method in fastening things together. The other methods, gluing and nailing, may be quicker options but will leave a permanent joint that cannot be easily dismantled. Both will also not likely produce a fix that is strong enough and will not be resistant to pressure unlike screwed joints.

However, choosing the right screw for the job can be a bit of a challenge for those who are not used to doing jobs that require these fasteners since they are made of different materials, plated finishes, head styles, sizes and even thread types.

Screws for Hardwood

In addition to that, there are two basic head slot styles : the traditional slotted-head style and the cross-head style.

Meanwhile, cross-head styled screws are further categorized as follows:

  • Pozidriv head, which are found mainly on wood screws
  • Supadriv head, which is similar to the Pozidriv and is noted to provide more grip between the screw and screwdriver.
  • Phillips-head screws
  • Freason-head screws
  • French recess, which is a cross-head screw designed with a two-step driver, and the blade diameter stepping up at a distance from the point.
  • Mortorq, which is used in automotive and aerospace applications.

Traditional slotted-head screws are designed with a single slot into which a screwdriver blade needs to fit snugly to be turned. Since the slot size also varies with the screw, there are a range of screwdrivers that are also made available for any of these screws to be used with ease. Using an unsuitable screwdriver for any of these screws can easily damage the edges of the slots and make it difficult to finish the job.


Waterproof Swimming Pouch

Guide to Buying A Waterproof Swimming Pouch

Swimming is not only considered as a recreation activity, but it also serves as sport, exercise and means of survival. This having said, it is no wonder why a lot of people are into this kind of sports. But in as much as the activity is enjoyable, one cannot help but worry about their belongings once they submerge in the water. For this reason, a lot of swimmers rely heavily on waterproof swimming pouch while swimming around.

Some swimmers use the floating bag as a dive bag, while smaller bags can be attached to the waist so one can enjoy swimming knowing that their belongings are protected and secured. Either way, knowing how to utilize your waterproof pouches will keep your stuff safe.

But this isn’t always the case because one way or another, your recreation can sometimes be ruined if you have not selected the right bag for you. This drives us to the question, what is it really that one should be looking for in a waterproof swimming pouch?

Water Tight Seal

The main reason why we are purchasing the bag is the sole purpose that we need to keep the water out. If a pouch will let water in, then your items will be potentially ruined so is your relaxation. But if the pouch will never let a drop of water in, then you have gotten a good purchase.

Swimming bag


Durability is vitally important in whatever item we purchase. You can say that you have purchased the right bag if it works every time you use it and not just your first two or trips to the water. A good waterproof bag shouldn’t puncture easily and the seals should be able to hold up through several uses.


Look For When Buying a Picnic Blanket

Qualities to Look For When Buying a Picnic Blanket

A picnic is not complete without the blanket but a picnic blanket functions more than what the name implies. It can be used for watching a concert, for camping, sunbathing, letting a baby lie on it while enjoying the sun and many other outdoor activities that one can imagine. From the iconic red and white checked picnic blanket, our beloved picnic must-have has gotten some serious upgrades throughout the years. Other handy innovations such as weighted corners, multiple designs and waterproof qualities have been added to make the picnic blanket more reliable and functional.

Several picnic blankets are now available, from all shapes and sizes to fit one’s need. Blankets that can be rolled and attached to the backpacks or turns into tote, or one that can be fold to a small package that can fit easily in a pocket or one that is somewhere in the middle, all of these are now available. So here is a simple guide to help you pick the right picnic blanket for you.

Waterproof Blanket

Overall Function

Every picnic blanket being sold has a little something for everyone. Depending on what and how are you going to use it, you must get one that will cater all your needs. Functionality is one thing that should be considered when buying a certain item. If your family is a big one, size should be considered because no one wants an overcrowded blanket. It is important that all member of the family can sit on the blanket comfortably. Also, keeping your blanket clean is also an important factor, so getting one that is water-resistant will help keep your blanket clean and worry free from the wet grass. You may check the list of complete waterproof picnic blanket for your reference.

Perfect for all kinds of weather

Having said that your picnic blanket can also be used in different other activities, you might also want to consider getting one that is all-weather picnic blanket. Meaning it can be used on the beach, the park, to watch your big game and many more. Get a blanket that will keep you warm on colder weather and a waterproof one is the best choice.


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